The Prison Flow Project

Support Miriam Vishniac, M.P.P. and PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in her flow project for her dissertation “My study is the first to examine access to menstrual products for incarcerated women in the U.S. I am collecting the accounts of women who experienced menstruation while incarcerated through remote interviews and an anonymous online survey. I want to focus on their experiences, told in their own words. I am also interviewing experts who work closely with women who have been previously incarcerated and conducting document review of policies at the federal and state level for additional information and context. As part of this research I have also created the first and only collection of information on prison menstrual policy in the U.S., which I hope will be a resource for women, their loved ones, and advocates. “It is very important that we (advocates for females and present and former prisoners) support this type of academic study to have support for our comments. Visit her web at

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