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Thank you for your donation

Thanks to Ana Fuentes for the donations to #yginstitute and helpings us accomplished our mission

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You Make YG

Helping mothers in Mexico

We are working to help more people in Mexico We are so grateful to have people working with us like Lucia Nieto, who help us expand our mission into other countries. She helps send donations to mothers in need in Mexico.


New Office

#yginstitute our new office Suite 2110 is completely remodeled and up and running. Here are some pictures of part of our team with Elina Lopez. More pictures are coming!

Our interns graduate

We are so happy to announce that our interns are graduating! They have been such an impactful addition to our team and we are happy to call them part of our family. Lucca and Nathalie will both continue to grow in their endeavors and their goals, but they know that if...

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