YG Institute

The YG Institute

Y. G. Institute is an I.R.S. certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in March 09, 2009 in Miami, Florida. We integrate families and communities in reentry; we do that by assessing individual/family needs and providing services, training, and/or referrals to have those needs met. We believe our communities are stronger when each individual in it is stronger.

Our services include:

  1. Self-improvement skills
  2. Positive coping strategies
  3. Building healthy habits or self-reinvention
  4. Financial literacy
  5. Personal Growth
  6. Self-awareness
  7. Referral to training and resources such as housing and employment
  8. Group meetings
  9. Training and Seminars/workshops in Business skills such as leadership, character, resume writing, and technical employment skills
  10. Public Speaking Skills
  11. Fill-out forms and paperwork
  12. Skills to start and run businesses including accounting and taxes
  13. Volunteer participation (high school requirements, court order and others)
  14. Interns Program (high school through PhD – international and domestic)
  15. Strategic alliances with community organizations (halfway houses, etc)
  16. Facilitate communication in community


While working to change a Federal Law within the Department of Justice, our founder, Yraida Faneite, maintained communication with Paul Simon (former United States Senator) for about 8 years until 2006. The idea about Y. G. Institute was born around August 13, 2002, when the former Senator wrote a letter on behalf of  Yraida Guanipa and stated:: “Yraida Guanipa is one who really can make a real contribution to a better society”. He wrote more than 70 letters to Yraida Guanipa and/or on her behalf; in some of those letters, he encouraged her to dedicate herself to help others upon her release. For example, on November 07, 2002, he wrote: “I believe she is someone who is a credit to humanity and will continue to be”. On February 02, 2003, he wrote to her: “what enriches life is helping others… I am proud of you”, on July 14, 2003, he wrote to her: “ what you are doing is bringing pleasure to others and that is what life is all about… keep doing that”; and on September 19, 2003, he wrote her: “just remember that despite all the obstacles you are doing good things now, after your release … you will have greater opportunities for service”. On December 9, 2003, while Guanipa was waiting for a letter from Former Senator Simon the news on TV announced that he died that date. On that date, Ms. Guanipa decided that she will continue working helping others, and to honor his name she named the organization similar to his organization: Paul Simon Institute. Yraida Guanipa was released in 2006, and on March 09, 2009, Yraida Guanipa Institute was established.        


Our Staff

Yraida L. Faneite, Doctoral Candidate in Literature

President and CEO


Larisa Svechin

Vice President



Nathalie Morlote

Executive Assistant


Orosmer Rodriguez

Web Master and IT


Carolyn Carmona

2022-2023 Intern


Isabella Gonzalez

2022-2023 Intern


Manuel Palomares

2022-2023 Intern


Our Board of Directors

Elina Lopez



Selwyn L Talley


Vice Chair


Carmen Simoza, MBA, MHRM,MACC



Robert Sanchez




Harrell Henton, Minister and Author


Volunteers Committee Chair


Dr John Bancroft


Program Committee Chair


Karen Deol


Community Relations Committee Chair


Lucia Espinoza Nieto, Ph.D


Committee Chair for Mexico


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