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The YG Institute

Founded to revitalize, protect, and nurture family bonds’ while maintaining the welfare of the children within any family. Care, trust, and love for each other are hard to revitalize after long years of separation due to incarceration. Family members and parents especially have at many times, endured limited or no contact with the children for periods of more than 15+ years. Families are ill equipped to deal with the numerous challenges faced after incarceration. Children often feel resentment for having been left behind. This program provides tailored help, individually to all parties involved; to learn, to trust, and remember that they still love each other. The benefits include happier families & fewer family members becoming repeat offenders. The Parents, Children, and other family members learn together, how to become contributing members of society.


The YG Institute conducts a research & study program involving the supervision of children separated from their parents to establish what helped them become successful. You may find the research & study form by clicking here.

Your participation is entirely confidential

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