Paid Services We Provide

Walk in Tuesday and Thursday From 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM - Moderately Priced

Immigrations Forms

YG provides assistance with all your immigration needs.

Notarization & Apostille Services

YG has licensed notaries on staff who can help witness documents.


If you are having trouble understanding someone because of a language barrier YG may be able to help!

Legal Forms

YG can help you find legal aid and answer some legal questions about your rights and forms to help you with your legal problems. Forms can include immigration, family, presidential pardons, etc.

Taxes & Bookkeeping

YG can assist you on keeping company books for your business as well as assist you with your personal and/or business taxes.

Bussiness Services

YG offers Business Consulting & Advising, Business PLanning, Coaching & Training, Evaluation of operations, Business Development, Business Startup, Help with permits, licenses, trademarks ,Patents, & Copyrights.

Free Services for Qualified Parties

please inquire if you qualify based on financial or previously incarcerated status

Job Placement

On the job hunt? Finding a job can be difficult for some and we would like to help. YG can assist you in finding employment.

Assistance with resumes & applications

YG is here to help you with your resumes and job applications!

Interview Help: Job/School

Interviewing makes everyone nervous. We are here to help prepare you!

License Applications

Applying for a license? We can help!

Small Business

YG can assist you in starting and maintaining a small business. Just inquire!

Group Meetings

We have a variety of group meetings, Click here to find out more info on the workshops page!

Housing Referrals

Finding housing as an offender can be difficult but we can help you transition.

Voting Rights Restoration & Pardon

Voting is a part of society and we want to help restore your rights to vote.

Dining Etiquette

Business lunch Etiquette. Once a month a resident of a halfway house is taken to a restaurant to re-learn business lunch etiquette.


Held every year from the second week of September to the second week of December.

This annual seminar is intended to help you reintegrate back into society successfully.

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