Colleen Dupont - YGMOU
Meet our new partner, Colleen Dupont, who is a mentor and a trainer helping us expand our cause and our mission statement to aid our community.

We are honored to announce our partnership with Colleen Dupont Inc. (Mentor & Trainer ), especially in this time of COVID19 in which the needs of our community have greatly increased. Partnerships are essentials to expand our efforts on where, when, what, and how to fulfill the needs of those in the reentry process. Partnerships enhance and strengthen support in what we do as one force to serve our community in different services, projects, and special events because together we can identify and solve challenges faced by individuals in the process of re-establishing their family and community ties. We and our partners work together for a common purpose. Join us as a partner and be part of our team of community servants. Contact us and schedule a meeting to talk about our labor of love. Click the link below

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