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Thanks, #Marlins for your donation of more tickets for the games.
#yginstitute has free tickets for the following games
Monday, July 5th vs Los Angeles Dodgers 6:40pm
Tuesday, July 6th vs Los Angeles Dodgers 7:10pm
Wednesday, July 7th vs Los Angeles Dodgers 7:10pm
Thursday, July 8th vs Los Angeles Dodgers 12:10pm
Thursday, July 22nd vs San Diego Padres 7:10pm
Monday, August 2nd vs New York Mets 7:10pm
Tuesday, August 3rd vs New York Mets 7:10pm
Wednesday, August 4th vs New York Mets 7:10pm
Thursday, August 5th vs New York Mets 12:10pm
Please let me know by Monday, July 20th at 6 Pm what dates and how many tickets do you wish.
Once again thanks #Marlins for your kindness, together we are a better community!

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