Meet our wonderful partners that help Y. G. Institute strive and be triumphant. Above us is a picture from March 5th, 2020, showing most of our partners. This was a Community Relations Meeting hosted by Riverside Halfway House. Some of the partners that attended were:


  • Riverside Halfway House
  • The No-Fault Group
  • Be Strong International
  • Family Safety Net
  • New Horizons
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • OIC of South Florida
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida
  • Miami-Dade Transit
  • Florida International University
  • Others

We would like to thank our partners for helping us through the hardest and best times together. We want to improve our community since we are all a family here. At Y. G. Institute, Strong Families = Strong Communities and Strong Communities = Strong Nation.

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