On July 2 of 2020, seven new interns entered Y. G. Insitute! The interns come from different schools in Miami Dade who participated in the Summer Youth Immersion Program. Due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19, the interns work in morning shifts and afternoon shifts to maintain social distancing. Social distancing includes wearing a mask and staying at least six feet away from people. Below is a video of our interns introducing themselves made by Angelina Sarduy.

Each intern has individual and group assignments to show leadership and collaboration between them. For example, Salma Mohammed creates and handles all of Y. G. Institute’s website. Yet, she works with all the interns to create videos and help with the file system. Another intern is Yaslin Melendez who writes for Y.G. Instuite’s media outlets and works with the other interns.

The left picture above is Anna Carranza and our morning interns: Angelina Sarduy, Amanda Del Campo, Salma Mohammed, and Gabriela Sanchez (not pictured). The right picture contains our afternoon interns: Yaslin Melendez, Alquisha Corneille, and Lorena Hermelo. Anna Carranza is one of the Miami Dade County Public Schools Supervisors over the Summer Youth Internship Program.

Throughout the internship, Y. G. Institute has held many workshops for the interns. We would like to thank Colleen Dupont, Carmen Burkert, and Be Strong International for hosting and being apart of these workshops. The worships were about may different topics like budgeting, saving money, or self-reinvention.

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