On March 13, 2020, we had the pleasure of having Gina Alonso come and visit Y. G. Institute. Gina Alonso is a Constituent Services Representative at the Office of United States of America Senator Marco Rubio. The image above is Gina Alonso listening to people speaking and hearing out their opinions on different topics. Y. G. Institute is happy to be able to voice their opinions to anyone who will listen. We expressed concerns from the formerly incarcerated such as fines and assessments courts fees. We also spoke about listening to Venezuelan’s asylum-seeking at Y. G. Institute.

To our left is a picture of our President, Yraida Guanipa, Vice President, Elina Lopez, and Gina Alonso. We are glad to have the delight of growing connections and sharing our opinions with the rest of the world. Also, here we have below us is Gina Alonso speaking with one of the many people who attended the meeting.

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