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Happy New year!

Thankful because all of you were part of 2021 and hopeful that you continue with us in our work of community inclusion and integration of families and communities in reentry during this coming 2022. We finish this year working for those in reentry process. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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We are thankful

It is Christmas week and we are thankful for your support, today we thanks Yrwil Guanipa and his fiance Laura Lantigua for being the first toy donor this year.


Christmas Toy Drive

Everybody get ready for the Christmas Toy Drive we are hosting this year! Here are some of the donations that have been made already! We are so excited to give these away this year!

Happy Thanksgiving! 2021

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ENJOY THIS DAY REGARDLESS THE CIRCUMSTANCES! DREAMS COMES TRUE IF YOU BELIEVE! We shared with our family at Riverside Half Way House and had a wonderful time together!

Thank you for all of your donations!

Give Miami day was a success, thanks to all of you! Thanks to all of you who support #yginstitute on "GIVE MIAMI DAY" yesterday. Your kindness helps us to continue our mission and our work of community inclusion as well as the integration of families and communities...

You Make YG

Prison Flow Project

Support Miriam Vishniac, M.P.P. and PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in her flow project for her dissertation "My study is the first to examine access to menstrual products for incarcerated women in the U.S. I am collecting the accounts of women who...

William Rodriguez

Meet our new volunteer Williams Rodriguez from Coral Reef High School. He is volunteering for his future college life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyaouAbRYUc


Our summer 2020 intern: Gabriela

Meet Gabriela, a summer 2020 intern who contributed her research and social media skills, helping us greatly. Gabriela was a youth summer intern in 2020. She was in charge of updating #yginstitute social media, and researching for our organization. She worked...

Summer 2020 intern: Yaslin

Meet Yaslin, an intern who was part of our summer 2020 internship program updating our newsletters and mailing list. Yaslin was one of our Youth Summer Interns in 2020. She was organized, always ready to help, and sweet. Yaslin is one of our future leader with...

Summer 2020 intern: Lorena

Meet Lorena, an integral part of our organization during our summer of 2020. She helped us with her exceptional organizational skills and excel expertise. Lorena was part of our Youth Summer Intern 2020 program. She did a great job in our organization, working as a...

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