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Emotional health workshop

In partnership with Be Strong International, YG Institute took part in a workshop where parents were guided in how to be emotionally healthy with Nicole Klein. Peers were taught how to effectively manage problems and to become problem solvers rather than instigators to difficulty. Expressing one’s feelings was a large part of what it means to be emotionally healthy, as well as being communicative with any issues or emotional blockades one may be having. It is always important to have one’s emotional health in check, as it can affect parenting and the well being of one’s children. With this partnership, we were able to have a workshop where parents were able to get an in depth explanation of all of these concepts and ideas, hopefully leading them to have a more fulfilled and well-rounded parenting experience.

Mother’s day was a success!

We are happy to announce that this year’s annual Mother’s Day celebration was a success! We were able to give out bags worth more than $150! We would like to extend a thank you to all of our donors and everyone involved who made it possible. With the help of Dr. Grisel Voutsinas from the Banyan Halfway House and Michelle Taylor at the Riverside Halfway house, this drive was made possible. We are so grateful and we hope to be able to this drive again next year to help mothers in need in our communities.


Easter Baskets

Celebrating love by bringing Easter Baskets to children with a parent @Riverside Halfway House. It was a success and the parents were so happy. We would also love to thank our volunteers Adrian Alisea and Barbara Ferrer for wrapping the Easter Baskets!

12th year anniversary

We are happy to announce our 12th year anniversary! We are so grateful for all of your support and donations to our mission statement! We are truly shocked at the outreach we have all accomplished together, and the impact we are making in our community and in the...

You Make YG

Prison Flow Project

Support Miriam Vishniac, M.P.P. and PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in her flow project for her dissertation "My study is the first to examine access to menstrual products for incarcerated women in the U.S. I am collecting the accounts of women who...


Summer 2020 intern: Amanda

Meet Amanda, who was an active member of our Summer 2020 internship program, updating the company filing. Amanda was part of our Youth Summer Internship 2020 program. She was in charge of updating the entire file system, which was hard and time consuming. She did...

Our summer 2020 intern: Gabriela

Meet Gabriela, a summer 2020 intern who contributed her research and social media skills, helping us greatly. Gabriela was a youth summer intern in 2020. She was in charge of updating #yginstitute social media, and researching for our organization. She worked...

Summer 2020 intern: Yaslin

Meet Yaslin, an intern who was part of our summer 2020 internship program updating our newsletters and mailing list. Yaslin was one of our Youth Summer Interns in 2020. She was organized, always ready to help, and sweet. Yaslin is one of our future leader with...

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