Showing live on televisions is… Yraida Guanipa! Our President Yraida Guanipa  had the wonderful pleasure of working with Univision and Fusion to broadcast her beliefs and Y. G. Institute on Novermber 30, 2019. Y. G. Institute integrates families and communities in re-entry. The main idea of Y. G. Institute is to assess, connect, educate, and advocate.  Yraida Guanipa was featured on Univision’s “Second Chances” segment. She spoke about how she helps the community at any chance she gets. For example, every  Thanksgiving and Christmas she goes to Riverside Halfway House to donate gifts to the less fortunate. Below are two videos of Yraida Guanipa on Univision and spreading the word of Y. G. Institute. 

In the past year, Y. G. Institute has done more interviews! On February 20, 2020, Yraida Guanipa got interviewed by NTN24 about the 11th Cir Court of appeals ruling on voting rights. She also did a more recent interview with Roger Borges from Univision and Fusion about Y. G. Institute. It was a Zoom meeting due to the current circumstances of COVID-19.  

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