LIVE ON THE RADIO is … Yraida Guanipa! On January 7, 2020, Guanipa had the pleasure of going on to Radio Caracol 1260 to talk all about Y. G. Institute and Amendment 4. She told everyone listening in on the radio about her beliefs and the mission that she is on for Y. G. Institute. Y. G. Institute’s mission is to ensure the most peaceful transition of those directly impacted by the judicial system while assisting them successfully back into society and safeguarding the vital bonds of the family.

Here we have the two hosts of Radio Caracol 1260: Thomas Regalado and Julian Linares. On the left is Thomas Regalado with Yraida Guanipa. On the right is Julian Linares with Yraida Guanipa. Y. G. Institute is thankful for being able to share their kind words with everyone and we encourage anyone to join!

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