On November 21, 2019, It was a very special and extraordinary Thanksgiving Dinner for the residents of Riverside Half Way House. The people at Y. G. Institute all enjoyed making the gift bags to serving the food. We would like to thank Vice President Elina Lopez, and Community Relations Committee Chair Sandra Munoz, Henry Inoa, Fior, Dashey Serra, Daniel and Dylan Hernandez, Ligia Rojas, UNIVISION, and our donor for helping us serve our community. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and spends time with their family and friends. We want everyone to enjoy all the moments within each other’s company.

At Y. G. Institute, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a magical feast with all kinds of food. However, everyone’s favorite was the scrumptious cake! It was a vanilla cake decorated with a turkey with blue,yellow, orange, and purple feathers, different kinds of flowers like sunflowers and purple roses, and in large handwriting the words “Happy Thanksgiving” located on the top, all made with frosting. 

People from Y. G. Institute also made gift bags for the residents at the Riverside Halfway House so that everyone could remember the evening forever. Everyone had a look of joy on their faces and expressing happiness with their loved ones and close friends. It was a magnificent evening for all.

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