Pictures taken by: Greg Clark
Pictures taken by: Greg Clark

We Integrate Families and Communities in Re-Entry

We Assess-Connect-Educate-Advocate

Family and Education are our Main Foundations

At Y. G., Family Comes First

Strong Families = Strong Communities & Strong Communities = Strong Nation


Re-establish family and community bonds for those directly or indirectly impacted by the judicial system, by utilizing re-entry tools and focusing on the virtues of every family member and the importance of each of their roles.


We want to ensure the most peaceful transition of those directly impacted by the judicial system while assisting them successfully back into society and safeguarding the vital bonds of the family.


Y.G. Institute operates from a commitment to dignity and the belief that all people are created equal and deserve to live a life of joy.  We engage with each client we encounter from a position of wholeness and strive to help them see and experience their wholeness as well.  We expect that any organization that we partner with or refer clients to will operate in the same spirit.  We welcome our clients and other community members to share their value and to learn from our process as volunteers collaborating for social solutions in our community.


Strong Family Bond, Perseverance, Commitment, Honesty,

Hard Work, Compassion, Diversity, Teamwork.

Impulse Project

Our New Service: Impulse Project

The YG Blog

Emotional health workshop

In partnership with Be Strong International, YG Institute took part in a workshop where parents were guided in how to be emotionally healthy with Nicole Klein. Peers were taught how to effectively manage problems and to become problem solvers rather than instigators…

Mother’s day was a success!

We are happy to announce that this year’s annual Mother’s Day celebration was a success! We were able to give out bags worth more than $150! We would like to extend a thank you to all of our donors and everyone involved who made it possible. With the help of Dr….

Mother’s day donations

Our donors made this Mother’s Day very special by bringing hope to moms in Halfway house. Thanks to Commissioner Sally Heyman, Mirta de Perales, Dr Jay and Maria Amelua Torres, Kaba Law Group, Aventura Marketing Council, Sun Jewerly & Art, Miami Merchandise Mart,…

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