Welcome Mac!

Welcome Mac Alabre, a PhD candidate in Industrial Organizational Psychology at FIU and CEO/Founder of #lienlibrary He is now our volunteer working on special events. Here with Dra Lucía Espinoza Nieto and my assistant Nathalie Morlote

New Office

#yginstitute our new office Suite 2110 is completely remodeled and up and running. Here are some pictures of part of our team with Elina Lopez. More pictures are coming!

Our VP wins the mayoral race

Congratulations to our Vice-President Larisa Svechin for winning the runoffs election for Sunny Isle Mayor. She will be a great Mayor. We are so proud of her accomplishments and are so grateful for all of her time and dedication to our organization! She will be a...

Our mission continues to grow!

Our mission of helping others does not have geographical limitations. Here helping an artist in a town in Venezuela (Coro). There are so many ways to donate and volunteer in our communities. We are committed to making a difference throughout the globe!

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