Thank you for all of your donations!

Give Miami day was a success, thanks to all of you! Thanks to all of you who support #yginstitute on “GIVE MIAMI DAY” yesterday. Your kindness helps us to continue our mission and our work of community inclusion as well as the integration of families and...

Today is Give Miami Day!

TODAY IS GIVE MIAMI DAY. Show your love for Miami and open your heart to donate to us to continue our work of community inclusion and the integration of families and communities in the Reentry Process. Click the link and type YG Institute at “Find your...

Back to School event was a success!

Back to School event at Riverside Half Way House yesterday was special. The reentry process is difficult, special events like the one yesterday brings joy and enhance self confidence for those in reentry. Thanks to our sponsors Lawyer Leonardo Valdes, an anonymous...

Back to School event!

HALF-WAY HOUSE BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT! We need your support by donating school supplies or bookbags for our next event at Riverside Half-way house. We will bring a bookbag with school supplies for children with a mom or dad at the Half-way House. The event will be next...

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