Our Vision  Re-establish the parent-child-bond after incarceration, facilitating re-entry tools and enhancing parents/child traits.


In a world where former incarcerated parents and their children can re-establish the parent child bond which is a key factor for the parents’ successful re-entry into society, thus empowering as well as enabling the parent and child to become contributing citizens of our community.YG Institute, was founded to re-establish, protect and nurture the parent/child bond. Bonds of caring, feeling, trust and love for each other after long years of separation due to incarceration which affects disadvantaged people.  In many instances mothers have endured limited or no contact with their child(ren) for periods in excess of five, ten, or fifteen years. After many years of incarceration mothers are ill equipped to deal with the many changes the child(ren) experienced, the child(ren) often feel resentment for having been left behind. This program provides much needed structured help, tailored individually to all parties involved; to learn to trust and love each other again.  The benefits would be happier families, fewer mothers becoming repeat offenders. Together mother and child/children learning to become contributing members of society. The Yraida Guanipa Institute's further mission is to conduct a research/study on children separated from their parents to establish what helped them become successful. In each case the individual's progress or regression will be closely monitored for a five year period.  This research/study will help identify the advantages as well as disadvantages of each individual. Therefore, providing the necessary guidance for these disadvantaged children become contributing members of society. We welcome and appreciate your participation in said research/study. You may find the research/study form under the (Research Participant Form) tab. Your participation is entirely confidential.